Thinking It Thru - Sons of Venus
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 Sons Of Venus


John Sully, a performance and sound artist from New York City met 

Kazakhstanian drummer/pianist Ruslan Baimurzin at an East Village after hours jam. Their chemistry was instantaneous. Ruslan invited Sully to jam on guitar with bassist Igor Reznik and Keyboardist Peter Breed and Sons Of Venus was born. With Sully's organic style of production he was able to capture high quality multi channel recordings of the band's extensive improvisations. By arranging the tracks through digital editing he created tight and cohesive demos on which he overdubbed vocals. Excited with the outcome, the band decided to record seven of the tracks at Bunker studios in Brooklyn. Recorded live in a day and mixed by Sully in his home studio, their debut album is simply titled Sons Of VenusThere is an innate 1960's feeling to the album. Free jazz flourishes and acid rock edges intertwine with an indie pop ethos. Taking their cues from punk, funk and the blues, the band appreciates as it innovates.

"This is VERY cool. Love the soundscape"  

Santa Rosa Records

"The idea is super dope"

Altered Air Records

"Tight musicianship"

Admirable Traits Records

"It's the good sound, the mix of psych and funk"

Audio Antihero Records

"Well done! 

Everything about this is very good, from production to performance. Strong energy with a nice throwback feel."

Strangers Candy Records

"I definitely see a lot of talent."

Vilainy Records

"Sounds good to me."

Queen Records

"I love that dirty riddim, excellent sound design, super interesting instrumental paired with just as interesting and enigmatic vocals "  

Robot hunter Records

"We really love the vibe."

Pvl Records



John Sully


Sons of Venus @ 2019